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3 new dreams, one of which already premiered, are preparing to unleash their full force of incredible. Well one can hope. Science-fiction TELEVISION is normally king when it comes to staying power, and in some cases the fantasy that is revealed fails before it can truly proceed. Not since the writing is abysmal, however since of days airing or timeslots you understand will not be seen by any person (i.e. Legend of the Candidate).

The "Real Blood" panel will be held on Sat. at 3:30 p.m. in Ballroom 20. The sign signing will be at 1:45 p.m. at Warner Brothers booth # 4545. Fans can follow live coverage of the occasion at @TrueBloodHBO. Use #SavetheVamps to join the discussion.

While some programs (see "Heroes") have a practice of bringing people back from the dead, it's not so likely here where there is already a quite large road-map in the form of the George R.R. Martin novels.

How important are stats? Nate Silver, among the nation's leading statisticians, will be speaking at the University of Southern California on Friday, September 20 at 11AM. He has become today's leading statistician through his ingenious analyses of political polling, and he first got nationwide attention during the 2008 governmental election, when he correctly forecasted the results of the primaries and the presidential winner in 49 states. Tickets to his lecture "Baseball and Politics are Data Driven. The Holt Lecture" are totally free, and there will be a book signing later on. To reserve your tickets, have a look at the events Eventbrite page.

I understand, I know, this Top 5 List has been extremely Barney and Robin-heavy, but here's another, and it's absolutely worth it. As real HIMYM fans understand, Barney's best-known catchphrase is "It's going to be legen-- wait on it-- dary!" Nevertheless, after they recognize that they are not associated, Barney lets Robin understand that their big day is about to be legendary. When Robin asks, "No 'wait for it?'", Barney sweetly replies, "I've got you. I do not have to await it any longer." My heart flutters just believing about it!

In unusual news today, Clive Mantle of "game of thrones" is dealing with a big problem. On March 25, Huffington Post reported that throughout a run-in this weekend he had his ear partly bitten off!

According to TV Guide, Hannah Murray-- best understood for her role in the UK's variation of "Skins"-- has been brought on board the series to play the function of Gilly. Not excessive else can be stated about the character right now, generally since we are still waiting to see how she will be carried out into the TELEVISION version versus the George R.R. Margin books.

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